Welcome to the Black Box of Leadership!

Leadership often feels like you have entered that black box. There is no seemingly easy out. AND too often we get into leadership because we are good at our jobs. Being good at your job has NOTHING to do with the skills needed to lead people who do the job! My goal is to create a forum where:• Top performing employees learn what they can do to be ready for a leadership position;• New managers gain the necessary tools for success;• Proven models of leadership success are told, taught and supported.
There is light in the black box of leadership. Let me help you find it!

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Steady as You Go! Consistent Leadership Counts

Would you believe that many employees would prefer a bad manager who’s consistent over an inconsistent manager? I’ve heard that statement a lot in my years of coaching and training in corporate America.

Now, I’m not saying that you should be a bad manager. That’s not the takeaway here! I am saying that you should consistently apply great management and leadership skills.

Why is consistency so important? Because people like predictability. They like knowing the rules of the game, especially their manager’s rules of the game.

Imagine a manager who greets everyone with a cheerful “Hello!” on Monday morning then marches in on Tuesday morning, head down, growling that she needs coffee. How should employees approach her the next day? Or the next week? Who knows?

If you act consistently, employees will know how to react to you. And that’s a big step towards earning their trust and loyalty.

Wondering how you can be more consistent? Over the next series of blogs, I’ll cover where you should start and what you should do next.

Keep reading! You’re on your way to becoming a consistently excellent manager.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Single Greatest Secret of Leadership

If you can understand and incorporate this concept into how you lead you will get out of the black box!