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Leadership often feels like you have entered that black box. There is no seemingly easy out. AND too often we get into leadership because we are good at our jobs. Being good at your job has NOTHING to do with the skills needed to lead people who do the job! My goal is to create a forum where:• Top performing employees learn what they can do to be ready for a leadership position;• New managers gain the necessary tools for success;• Proven models of leadership success are told, taught and supported.
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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Keep an Eye on Style: Leadership Style, That Is

In my last blog, I introduced the importance of consistency for managers and leaders. Today, I’m letting you in on the first key step to achieving consistency: knowing your own, personal leadership style.

For example, do you prefer written communication or verbal interactions? Do you want to be prepared in advance for meetings, or do you think better on your feet?

There’s no right or wrong. These preferences are a part of who you are. (If you need help identifying your leadership style, check out the resources the end of this article.)

Once you understand your unique approach, you can better communicate your preferences. Your employees will be happy to comply with your requests. They’ll understand that you prefer e-mailed meeting notices to impromptu gatherings or executive summaries instead of lengthy reports. Remember, the people who work for you like knowing the rules.

Understanding your own style can also help you recognize preferences among your staff. For instance, you may like a glowing public acknowledgement of a job well done while your project team leader may prefer a framed letter of commendation. Responding to these subtle differences will elevate you in your employees’ eyes.

Stay tuned. I’ll share my next step for becoming a consistent manager soon!

§ DISC Testing[SS1]
§ The Platinum Rule by Tony Alessandra (www.platinumrule.com)
§ Dealing with People You Can’t Stand by Dr. Rick Brinkman and Dr. Rick Kirschner

[SS1]Did you want to reference a particular website, book or program?

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